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Freelancer Montaz Uddin Story
Freelancer Montaz Uddin Story


Even if it is a bad scholar, it is abandoned.

How many days?

Story of the early seventies. I started going to high school. Along with my house, two brothers have one son, one son. The third brother has five sons. Almost everyone is a good farmer.
The son of the second brother is a Lecturer in the College of Upazila by a master of Bengali Honors. Much worse A lot of arrogance.
One morning in the village, there was a sudden chai, running. I see four brothers of five brothers in front of their house with trees, poles, beating the police. A cow was stolen at the lecturer’s house. The cousin filed suit in the name of five brothers and uncles. The oldest brother will also be 3-5.
Police station as well. The police took the opportunity to be good. Everyone in the village said in one sentence, it is in no way credible. Later the case was taken up. The cow was no longer available.

3-5 years after this story. I’m guilty

I attended college then. June – July. It will be from 12-7 pm. My father and I are in bed. Dad was ill for about a year. The land has all fallen. He does not walk that way.

It was raining water boils on my chest with a burst of rice at home. I pushed my father and said, ‘Father, the waterfalls.

Suddenly the house on the north side shouted as a robber. It says that the one who goes to the big ‘Suraj’ ran towards the bamboo shrub. That that goes another, Momtaz in the kid. Yes, my name.

The next morning the case was filed. Me, father, my older brother (a scholar), older sister, they are the accused. I escaped with my father and came to a sister’s house.

The man in the house is the lecturer’s foster brother. He took home our father’s land from his father. They want to document but say they will pay the rest. Daddy doesn’t. That is why a one-year robbery case against a homeless man.

About a month went by. The robbery case cannot be compromised. I do not know how took up the case. The land was written down.

When I was an Honors Second Year, I filed another case in the name of 12-5 young men in the area. I was also a criminal. That case is also taken up by compromise.

The lecturer died of respiratory distress for 3-5 years after the end of his life. During the time of his illness, the brothers all survived.

I can remember the empty studies well. Was a good student I learned a lot of programming in a few days. I’m still doing something. But I don’t remember those stories.

At the end of the nineties or the next, when I was very ill, Professor Sab brought my little brother Alam to my home in Tongi. He was treated at Mohakhali TB Hospital.

I had a few days at my house and I also warmed him with water.

Many of my villagers are my Facebook friends. Father, you do not mind, brother. I told this story to someone else first in my life. Still this morning I wanted to give a post on “Dapat” so I wrote