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Concepts about Fiverr’s Gig best earning tips and trick
Concepts about Fiverr’s Gig best earning tips and trick

Fiverr is nothing new to say, already freelancers in Bangladesh are making good money by selling their service on Fiverr. Basic work on Fiverr starts with $ 5, from which the naming begins. Fiverr’s orders are called gigs, while the initial price of each gig is $ 5, but it is possible to order more than $ 2000 maximum from a single gig.

Concepts about Fiverr’s Gig:

Sellers at Fiverr present their offer as follows: I will do a lot of work for $ 5, these can be SEO, banner design, logo design, video creation, website writing, article writing, background voice and so on. If your offer likes a beer, he or she will order your gig. With every $ 5 gig, you can even sell some extras if you want. Suppose your gig is for creating SEO backlinks. Now you’re selling 20 backlinks for $ 5 at a basic gig, you say at Gig Xtra, I’ll give you 5 more backlinks for Xtra $ 10. That way you can earn a lot more with the same gig.

After ordering the gig Bayer will give you the information you need, suppose you need Bayer’s website address, keywords, etc. for the SEO gig. Your order will be activated as soon as Bayer provides this information. Each gig is usually meant to be delivered within a certain time, you will need to set this specific time when your gig is being created, and will certainly try to deliver your gig within this time. Once the gig is delivered, Bayer will give you feedback on your work, Feedback Score is 1 in 1 giving Bayer, try to get 5 Star Feedback from Bayer through good work. The more 5 Star Feedback you have, the more likely you are to grow your cell.

Based on the work at Fiverr your level will increase. There are 5 levels of cellars in Fiverr, Level 1, Level 2 and Top Rated Cellars.

Level 1 Seller:

To become a Fiverr Level 1Level 1 Seller, you must be active for 7 days after creating the account in Fiverr and complete a minimum of 5 orders, while keeping a good rating. As a Level 1 Seller, you get some extras:

You can create a maximum of 5 gigs.
For faster delivery of your gig, you can add the Extra Fast option and offer extra dollars.
You can add 5 gig extras for each gig, offering an extra $ 5, $ 10, $ 20 and $ 40 service.
The gig will be able to add multiple options, in which case Bayer can order your gig 5 times at a time.

Level 2 Seller:

Fiverr Level 2 You need to complete a minimum of 3 orders within 2 months and keep a good rating. As a Level 2 Seller, you will get Priority Support at Fiverr and some extra features will be added to your gig:

You can create a maximum of 20 gigs.
You can add up to 5 gigs to each gig, offering an additional $ 5, $ 10, $ 20, $ 40 and $ 50 for each service.
In the gig multiple options, Bayer can order your gig up to 5 times in a single time.
With it all the benefits of Level 1.

Top-Rated Seller:

Fiverr Top Rated Seller You can also be a Top Rated Seller based on your work. But the things that are important to becoming a Top Rated Seller are:

Volume of Sales
Extremely High Rating
Exceptional Customer Care
Community Leadership
That means that in addition to doing good at the gig, you have to be active in the Fiverr forum. Here are some of the extras you’ll find as a Top

Rated Seller:

You can create a maximum of 5 gigs.
Extras can be added to each gig, offering an additional $ 5, $ 10, $ 20, $ 40, $ 50 and $ 100 for each gig.
If you want to buy a gig in multiple options, you can order your gig up to 25 times at a time.
Get VIP Support from Fiverr.
So far this day. In the next post on Fiverr, I will highlight some more details.
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