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Do you know that life is compared to time?
Do you know that life is compared to time?

By that time, you are moving a little closer to your passions, your dreams.
But that way, your friends, your relatives come and bother you.

They have to work.

But the payment? They can’t afford it.
“Why come to you if you can give?” Think of it as you and them.

That’s your biggest mistake.

Why do you make free work that you can master by using your valuable time?
If you are not skilled enough, take the payment for 5 rupees, even if you are a bribe. Take payment as well.
Because we have a Ph.D. on this ability to eat Bengali free, today we are a lower-middle-income country.
So don’t work for free, don’t work for free.
Learn to pay for work. Learn to respect work.
Be good