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Payoneer Account Common Problems with Tips
Payoneer Account Common Problems with Tips

My Payoneer account was opened on the 21st. At that time I asked for an ID card and bank information. But then I had none because the account was like that. Now last month I log in to my Pioneer account to give Fidthrough to Fiber and the account is closed. Then I spoke to their support and they asked for my account verification, with my ID card in my hand, a white paper Payoneer in hand, and the date of that day.

And they take 3-5 days. But after 4 days no replays came up and I spoke to live support and they said they did not send it for verification and then they sent it to the verification team. Later they give two messages one day rather than 1/5 days and the next day they say they have kept the account in routine review. Two days after that, they blocked the card in my pendant. That was ordered on the 21st.

And last night they blocked my account. Since then, no longer live chat, I talk to them directly via call today. They checked the account and my account was closed because their terms and activities were not correct. And says it is no longer possible to get an account back. What can I do now? Can I create a new account with my other email? And will it confirm Payoneer? And how can I raise money from fiber? Fiverr an account is open with my information. So what if my family member opened Peonia?

Currently sending cards outside Dhaka is being stolen from the post office.
Order my brother’s card on the 6th of August last. It was supposed to be received on September 7. After September 27, from the entire district post office to the village sub-post office, I could not find anything. I have also talked with the Upazila Post Master Super. The district post office did not come with this name card. Forced to contact the Dhaka Post Office, they cannot do anything without the trucking number.

There was no tracking number in the mail.
The Pioneer should look into this. It is good to give the cards in the registration mail.